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"Paper Accepted" Some much needed great news

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The second week of the Latham Lab working from home was made much more bearable by having a paper accepted and published online at the Journal of Molecular Biology! Congrats to all of the authors, but especially Mahtab and Samiur, the co-first authors. Mahtab made the first ever NMR methyl assignments of the Mre11 nuclease domain (a HUGE undertaking started by former masters student Navi) and helped Samiur to characterize a couple of Mre11 mutants that separate the two nuclease functions of the enzyme: the mutants are exonuclease inactive, but endonuclease active. For this paper, not only did Samiur perform most of the in vitro activity assays, but he had to generate yeast strains and get yeast DNA repair assays set up in the Latham Lab, another HUGE undertaking. Team work pays off and this time has resulted in a very nice story!

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